Mrs. Jones

One very rainy day in April Matthew Washburn and I hunkered down at the Throckmorton Theatre in Mill Valley to film this video of Mrs. Jones. It is one continuous take, no frills, and no edits. I practiced this song everyday for a week before knowing that I couldn’t screw up. Very happy with the finished product though. ENJOY!!!

My music in a little commercial!

Look who’s song “Forever”, or part of the song “Forever”, has been placed in a little commercial? Mine!! Thought it was a pretty adorable placement and for a good cause too.

The Trio- Parton, Harris, Ronstadt

If you’re like me and plan on spending any time on youtube you need to give yourself at least an half an hour. At least! One video leads to another video and then you look up and it’s dark outside. Especially when you are looking up old live videos of late 70’s country music. This is precisely what I was doing the other day in Nashville and I stumbled upon this great song and performance of “those memories of you”. My understanding is that Dolly didn’t write this song but she sings it like she owns it. Obviously the background harmonies of Emmy-lou and Ronstadt aren’t too shabby either. The visuals are awesome- they’re dressed all Honkey Tonk and Emmy looks oddly like David Bowie….yikes. I wonder if she looks at these videos and laughs….or cries.
Anyway, I sort of fell in love with this song, don’t know how I went 30 years with out it, and bought the album called “Trio” to which is belongs. The album is amazing! There are a couple songs I’m not so nuts about but mostly I am upper addicted to it. Thinking about doing a cover at my next gig. Yesssss! So it’s not brand new, and I’m sure many folks already know lots and lots about this album (duh). But I didn’t somehow…and I’m sure there are more like me out there.