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Live Album Available Now!

Very happy to see that my Live Album is available as of today October 19th on I-tunes! It’s a good day! I have a radio interview at 11:30, a show opening for one of my favorites- Lori Mckenna at the Freight and Salvage (a place I’ve never played but always longed to) and a happily sleeping baby in the other room!

To be clear, this recording is really more a compilation of songs from two different shows: The Independent in SF and the Throckmorton Theatre in Mill Valley, than a contiguous album. My dear friend Jeremy D’Antonio from Tiny Television and Magnolia Studios recorded both for me and we picked the best tracks of each. I was getting such grief from folks about not having certain songs available for purchase (this is a good kind of grief) that I had to do something. My hope is this satisfies people until I can get myself into the studio. And believe you me, I am dying to record a new record but it is expensive and time consuming and did I mention I have a 5 month old??! A 5 month old who is now awake- damn!
So please check out the tunes! There is even a free download available on the home page of my website to get you started. Write a review if you feel so inclined. Mucho Gracias!

This made my day……

How cute are these two? Meet Sienna and Scarlett, seemingly my biggest fans.

My music in a little commercial!

Look who’s song “Forever”, or part of the song “Forever”, has been placed in a little commercial? Mine!! Thought it was a pretty adorable placement and for a good cause too.

Throckmorton Theatre, Jan 7th

First Show in the New Year- January 7th, 2012!
I had my CD release party at the Throckmorton Theatre back in May of 2011 and it went so well I decided to book another. Not only is is a beautiful theatre of the perfect size (300) it is riiiight over the hill from where I live, so the commute can’t be beat! Ha! Nicki and Tim Bluhm and some configuration of Nicki’s band ‘The Gramblers’ are gonna share the bill with us. They are amazing! So mark the date, get a date, get a babysitter, make a dinner reservation at one of the lovely Southern Marin restaurants and then mosey on over! It really should be a cool evening. You can buy your tickets off the Throckmorton Site. Show starts at 8:30 with Tim and Nicki and then yours truly at 9:30

The Trio- Parton, Harris, Ronstadt

If you’re like me and plan on spending any time on youtube you need to give yourself at least an half an hour. At least! One video leads to another video and then you look up and it’s dark outside. Especially when you are looking up old live videos of late 70’s country music. This is precisely what I was doing the other day in Nashville and I stumbled upon this great song and performance of “those memories of you”. My understanding is that Dolly didn’t write this song but she sings it like she owns it. Obviously the background harmonies of Emmy-lou and Ronstadt aren’t too shabby either. The visuals are awesome- they’re dressed all Honkey Tonk and Emmy looks oddly like David Bowie….yikes. I wonder if she looks at these videos and laughs….or cries.
Anyway, I sort of fell in love with this song, don’t know how I went 30 years with out it, and bought the album called “Trio” to which is belongs. The album is amazing! There are a couple songs I’m not so nuts about but mostly I am upper addicted to it. Thinking about doing a cover at my next gig. Yesssss! So it’s not brand new, and I’m sure many folks already know lots and lots about this album (duh). But I didn’t somehow…and I’m sure there are more like me out there.

Renee and Romo- Helping the local musician one podcast at a time.

May I introduce Renee and Romo a new duo of sorts that has come together in the name of friendship and a the mutual love of podcasting! These two personalities bring out the best in anybody and their sessions are wacky and hysterically entertaining…oh yeah, and the music is good too.

Individually, Rene and Romo both have successful careers: Renee is the beloved female on KFOG’s morning Show here in the Bay, and Michael Romanowski is a fabulous mastering engineer based out of San Fran. (You may know him by such projects as- Victoria George. ha!)
But as I was saying, they’ve put together this side project and have started recording various local artist in their natural habitat (a dark recording studio with no windows) and in their generous free time. All this in the name of helping promote local music in the Bay Area!! We love them!

Check out their site and peruse around! I did a podcast with them back in March and had a total blast as is evidenced by the extremely long session we recorded (which is available in it’s entirely if you happen to have the flu and have nothing to do for 2 hours). There are lots of fabulous artists with big personalities in the archive and I’m sure more to come- so check it out!

Here’s a direct link to our lengthy podcast: It’s pretty funny- if I do say so myself!

The Album- More Nastalgia

I walked into Best Buy yesterday to look for the new Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks album. I don’t go into Best Buy very often but figured it would be as good a place as any to find said CD. Plus, I was just driving by. Looking over their measly selection of CDs which have been condensed into 3 racks now was a sad reminder of how dead the physical album is. Yes, I’ve known this for a while, but it was really hit home yesterday whilst sifting through their pathetic selection. It kinda made me sad.

I love albums. I like looking over their art work, photos, liner notes and lyrics. I like the whole package! And, most importantly, I like listening to an entire album at once, in order!!!! I think of it as batting order (side note: I used to play competitive softball and find myself using softball as an analogy very often. Even though it’s kinda lame, I can’t help it). You know like first song is lead off hitter and it’s suppose gets everyone’s attention and get on base. Yeah, like I said, lame analogy. But it is always interesting if it’s a good album and has good flow what song bats like 8th? Ya know?

Maybe it’s because I make albums and I know what a labor of love they are? Yes, I know how much time it takes to think of an order and live with it over and over in your car- just to make sure it’s perfect. I know what’s its like to go into your mastering appt and bite your nails and twitch while you give your engineer the FINAL ORDER!

I take comfort in the fact there will always be other freaks out there like me. People who will order the package off-line and wait for snail mail to deliver or find a cool record store and sift through. Vinyl is a whole different story in part because it is far more cool and hip. I’m talking dorks like me who want a CD to scratch up.
By the way, Best Buy didn’t even have the Susan Tedeschi album…

I miss the Dixie Chicks Terribly!

It’s sooooo true, I miss the Dixie Chicks in Country music almost every day.  They had a great sound and such great taste in songs.  Don’t get my wrong,  I love “Hillbilly Bone” and “Stealing Cinderella” as much as the next writer……(insert sarcastic laugh here).

So, I had a writing apt today here in Nashville and we were getting ourselves inspired by some new music to start off (Thank you Eric Church & Miranda Lambert) and then we listened to “There’s your trouble” from the Dixie Chicks first Album.  The song got us all hot and bothered, because it’s the kind you can only wish you wrote and it made us all lament the fiasco that ejected the Dixie chicks from lame country music stations. Hopefully rumors are correct that the girls are starting another album-  (Fingers Crossed).  I did enjoy the Courtyard Hounds latest effort (Dixie Chicks minus Natalie) but I want to hear them all together.   Anyways,  I’m really unsatisfied with the music coming out of nashville lately.  Especially since I know how many amazing songs are written in this town every day, let alone how many amazing songs are kept in the publishing vaults collecting dust.

Nashville In July

Well, it’s July 23rd and it’s HOT in Nashville.   I guess living in Cali for this past year, it’s easy to forget what it’s like to live in this kind of heat.  I used to live in Arizona and it got ballz hot there too, but it’s a dry heat so it’s easier to deal with.  The humidity is what really kills you here in the South….although it is good for your skin….

Other than the weather during the day, it’s great to be in Nashville again!  I much prefer to come here as a visitor and work rather than living here full time. That was too hard.  I prefer being able to “plug in”  to what’s going on here and then “unplug” and go home.  There is so much hurry up and wait in this business and remember being my happiest in Nashville when I was actually playing,  writing and seeing music.  It was the down time, the day-to-day that killed me and made me miss California.  See the thing is, I don’t totally fit into the mold here.  At least in the straight up country market.   I really wrestled with this when I was living here because I wanted success so so badly.  It took me a while to realize that it’s not the country industry that I’m probably ever gonna connect with here, it’s the SONG! That’s where this place touches me and teaches me.  I have a much more peaceful relationship with Nashville keeping this in mind.

New Venue

New Venue in Novato, CA- Southern Pacific Smoke House! We’ll be joining forces with Fiver Brown and the Innocent Criminals at this great new club in the North Bay. Come on out August 26th- 9pm!